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April 15, 2019
April 16, 2019

Having fun when drinking

Having fun when drinking

Drink responsibly, you will have fun and won’t put yourself in danger! Going for a drink with your friends is undoubtedly a great way to clear your head and throw all your worries behind. However, you should always keep a few things in mind.


Behave sensibly

Excessive drinking in a short period of time can cause serious health problems. These are some common examples:

  • alcohol poisoning
  • accidents including car crashes
  • brain and nervous system damage
  • risky behaviour
  • heart or cardiovascular problems
  • attendance problems or poor performance at work or school during the following day

Also, you should not wait and keep all your drinking for the end of the week and then go “all in” in one go.

Do not forget to eat and drink

Drink slowly and never drink with an empty stomach. You should drink a lot of water in between your drinks. This is the best way to slow down alcohol absorption in your stomach and avoid dehydration.

Avoid risky behaviour

Alcohol acts as a depressant – it can affect your judgment, decision making, and coordination as well as slow down your reactions. This means that if you drink too much, you put yourself in risk.

The consequences can be insignificant – for example, you realize that you do not understand some jokes – but you can also face some serious risks – like unprotected intercourse among others.

Do not drink and drive

Before you go for a drink with your friends, always have a plan for getting back home. Alcohol affects your judgment and reaction speed, so driving is out of your options. Injuries and personal disasters caused by drink drivers are absolutely unnecessary.

It’s easy, simply do not drink and drive. Grab a taxi, use public transport or ask your sober friend to pick you up and drive you home.

Last but not least … have fun!

Drinking alcoholic beverages is a subject of one’s judgment and responsibility. It has been part of worldwide social life and celebrations for thousands of years. Drinking responsibly means having fun without compromising on your personal safety and safety of others around you.

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